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It's NOT JUST a Girl Thing!
It's a Human Thing...

Boys are THE MOST overlooked demographic in commercial sexual exploitation despite composing up to 50% of sex trafficked children.

(multiple sources)

They live in darkness.

They have lost all hope. They are living in hell.

You encounter them on street corners or at bus stops.

They live in your neighborhood, go to the schools in your town – BUT you often don’t realize who they are.

These boys are victims of human trafficking.

Supporting the creation of the #BoysToo documentary with a cash donation is more than a generous act; it's a crucial contribution to the fight against the overlooked crisis of boys being trafficked. By funding independent filmmaking, you are uplifting a voice that reveals the harsh reality that thousands of boys endure, and raising awareness about an issue that lurks in the dark corners of society. Your financial support will drive the creation of the highest quality film, ensuring that the resilient stories of these survivors reach the broadest possible audience, sparking conversation, triggering change, and prompting action.

The cost of independent filmmaking may be hefty, but the human value derived from it is priceless. Each penny donated digs deeper into the investigative process, enhances the cinematic quality, and helps to shed light on even more untold stories. Furthermore, your aid will not just help make the documentary, but it will also fund essential resources, support services and reintegration efforts for these victims of boys trafficking, ultimately bettering their lives and society as a whole. We partner with reliable charitable organizations which ensure that your monetary contributions are wholly focused on making a tangible impact. One of the options for your donation is also tax-deductible, combining your act of generosity with practical financial planning.

Making a difference in these boys' lives and working to eradicate this silent epidemic starts with you - your donation, your concern, your refusal to turn a blind eye. By financially backing #BoysToo, you help us get one step closer to a world where no boy has to suffer the harrowing experience of being trafficked. Your monetary contribution to this film is, in turn, a commitment to safety, respect, and freedom for all children. Support #BoysToo and contribute to creating a safer world for our children.

#BoysToo is proud to partner with From the Heart Productions as its fiscal sponsor. A fiscal sponsor allows #BoysToo to receive funds from individuals, grants and other businesses AND allows those contributions to receive a tax deduction.



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