Almost 40% of kids sexually trafficked are boys.

About the Film

Human trafficking is a global problem that sadly often happens right before our eyes, a forever War-style issue that affects everyone. It’s often hard to tell when you’re looking at it from the outside because these crimes tend to be subtle and blend into everyday life—until you learn the signs to watch for! Trafficking has many forms – all equally nefarious- none are as horrid to society as sex slavery, especially that of children or young adults. 

Modern-day slavery is anything but a modern phenomenon. It exists in all shapes and sizes, from the most overt forms like child trafficking to less obvious ones such as labor abuse for profit; it touches nearly every community around our world today through both direct involvement (by victims) or indirect impacts on others living nearby who may be vulnerable because their family has been affected by these horrors too–children are being prostituted right next door!

All too often Boys are left out of the conversation, discounted as victims to this horrific crime.

It is time to speak out and put an end to this atrocity. We must raise awareness of the plight of trafficked boys and work to protect them from exploitation. Let’s join together to fight for the rights of #BoysToo – because they matter, and their voices deserve to be heard.


#BoyToo shines a light on the tragedy of sex trafficking, including boys who were once trapped in this terrible industry but now have found strength and hope for their future. The lack of services available to males makes it nearly impossible for Boys even after escaping from being trafficked; however, Bob’s House Of Hope is working hard towards eradicating abuse by providing more education, with a focus on expanding worldwide and a  belief that if everyone knows what traffickers are doing, then we can help stop any form before it’s too late!

Bob Williams, Founder of Bob's House of Hope

Decades after his own horrific trafficking experience, Bob Williams shines a light on boys and young men sexually trafficked through Bob’s House of Hope organization, the first safe house of its kind in the nation. #BoysToo explores the insidious dark industry of human and sex trafficking of boys, how boys fall victim to trafficking, the astonishing lack of services available for help, and how the system needs to shift.

#BoysToo is a documentary about the human and sex trafficking of boys and young men, and Bob Williams, the founder of Bob’s House of Hope.  The story begins with Bob’s own experience of  being trafficked several decades ago, how he found healing and his mission to bring light to the insidious trafficking industry that exists not only in Texas but globally. 

Most are keenly aware and on the lookout for girls and young women who are trafficked,  allowing traffickers to operate stealthily when trafficking males, as society feels they are immune to this horrendous abuse. The story continues with heart-breaking tales of how these boys have fallen prey to trafficking, how they can be rescued and what one organization, Bob’s House of Hope, is fighting to change: how we see and respond to the trafficking of boys.